As president I get to see so many people that are working very hard to make this happen. The obvious successes are the games out on the field. Some come as game winners and some are loses as far as the score, but here is where the true learning and developing takes place.

Our club wants to be the place where the players have fun, work hard and learn lessons that they will use the rest of their lives.

We are committed to our core values, which are noted here in the newsletter, but more prominently at our park entrance to the fields. These are the principles we are trying to teach your children. Please note the triangle showing how it is a group effort between the players, parents and coaches. I am most proud of our soccer club when I see one or all of these three groups working together to allow the opportunity for development. It comes in so many forms, and it is everywhere you look. There is not a better example than the older players giving back to the younger players!

On a personal note, I read a leadership and faith based message every morning to my two children. The leadership book is one from author and speaker, John Maxwell. It is called the Maxwell Dailey Reader and it gives a different, daily message about good principles. I highly recommend it. Recently, it was about the word “Integrity” which is one of our clubs’ most important core values.

While we see the positive momentum in all kinds of new mediums like the newsletter, Facebook, Instagram and our website, there are so many things you don’t see, like the time, dedication and effort from all of the Mobile Bay FC board members. We are a regional club, and that is reflected in our make up. We meet once a month plus extra times for special events. Here is where the preplanning takes place and where we learn from things we can improve on. Our goal is to continually improve. I must say thank you to all of our board members for their many years of service and for all of their personal sacrifices to make this club a success to be passed on.

Education is also very important for all of our players, parents and coaches. It is a life long journey for everyone. Being coachable and teachable are life long principles we all have to follow if we are to be successful. Here is one area where the players and parents must know that the coaches always have the best interest for your players’ development in mind when they make decisions. Whether it be about the team make up, pool play, situational awareness, level of play, tactical play, safety or discipline, the list goes on and on. But I want to remind us to trust that the coaches are looking out for your child’s best interest long term. Our coaches deserve the respect they are due, as they try to bring out the best in all of the girls and boys. Another thing that the club really appreciates is when our parent volunteers help us accomplish our mission. There is no way we can do it without your time, effort and resources. This is where the giving back to the club and community really is a difference maker! There is not a better example of teamwork than this act of serving others! Trust me, the kids see everything!!

In closing, we appreciate you sharing your child with our club as we try to make a life long impact on them using soccer as a carrier for these important principles!