The style of a home is usually reflected in every room so it matches together, however some homeowners like to have a mix of both modern and traditional depending on the room. Even though modern kitchens have become extremely popular, many houses still prefer the more conventional style of kitchen. Traditional kitchen cabinets can be found in kitchens West Sussex and nationwide, as they can be timeless and offer a more homely feel.  

Compared to more contemporary cabinet styles, traditional cabinets tend to be made with a thicker design and feature a darker colour, although they can come in any shade. The colour of the panels can be painted to have a new look, or can feature signs of wear and tear. They usually feature more intricate designs, unlike modern cabinets which are generally very simple. Some panels can feature carvings or an added level of texture to make them more interesting. Usually made from wood, the doors of a traditional cupboard can also be made from glass. The hardware featured on traditional cabinets, such as door knobs and drawer pulls, can be decorative or simple and come in a variety of colours and designs. These can easily be changed to suit the rest of the kitchen. 

No matter if your home is modern or more traditional; the older style of kitchen cabinets can be made to match the rest of the home. Many new properties still feature a traditional design throughout as for many homeowners it has a more classic, comfortable feel.